Whether you live in a secluded suburb or a bustling city, it’s important to take charge of your own personal safety without relying on the police. With society becoming more unpredictable and criminals adopting clever techniques it’s imperative to be extra-vigilant and cautious when necessary. You don’t need to walk around brandishing a samurai sword or hire a bodyguard but a few simple measures can increase your safety and security. Furthermore you need to be aware of how you can protect your home assets that are outside, like Glass solar, just the same as you can protect your family and inside assets.

Adopt More Alerts

Keep your phone fully charged when you’re out and about and if possible make sure you let people know where you are. If you’re suddenly taken ill or go missing, they’ll know where to look or who to contact with an idea of where you might be. If you suspect someone might be following you, stick to high populated areas until you’re able to alert someone or get help.

Although you may have ensured that your home is secure it’s always good to carry around some safety measures, especially in high crime areas. From reputable burglar alarm companies in Houston you can invest in panic alarms for peace of mind (check out which Houston home security option is right for you). It’s also a good idea to establish a simple call or text code to signal for help in case of emergencies. If passing on this advice to young children, however, be sure to establish the definition of an emergency!

Driving in the Dark

It goes without saying to keep a map or GPS system in your car when traveling to unfamiliar destinations. Also make sure that your car is in tip top condition and that you’ve filled the tank with petrol to avoid getting stuck on isolated roads. Keep doors locked at all times and when getting into your car after leaving it at a petrol station or outside on the road, check the backseat to make sure no-one is hiding inside.


If possible, always park your car in well lit areas to avoid a personal attack or a break in. Ensure that any valuables are always kept out of sight in the boot or under a seat and rid your windows of any distinctive marks from your GPS system. Don’t create an ideal opportunity for thieves and attackers.

Deter Bag Snatcher

When walking around in a city centre or area of high crime only take belongings with you that are vital for the day and try not to pack too much. If you have more than one bank card, leave an emergency one at home and divide your money between your bag, wallet and pocket to minimize loss. When carrying around a set of keys, try to keep them in your pocket so that they’re not connected to any address you may have written down. It’s even advisable to carry a bag that can be easily removed from your person, rather than having a strap around your neck or your waist which could cause injury if snatched.


Maintain an awareness of your surroundings with extra vigilance when in crowded areas and keep an eye out for staged arguments and commotion which are often used as distraction techniques. If you are at a bar or restaurant keep your bag on your lap, rather than putting it on the floor or under your seat. Be wary of people approaching your table to sell and promote products or ask for directions as this is also often used as a method of distraction.